NBA All-World referral codes and how to use them

Inviting a new player to try out a game is always a tough task to ask. They usually refuse or do not find themselves interested in the game. So, referral codes come in handy sometimes to invoke interest in a new player. In the recently launched open-world title NBA All-World, players can send referral codes for a new player or also use them to gift them as well as the sender/user some amazing rewards. So, in this guide, we shall explain how to utilize referral codes in NBA All-World.

Referral codes in NBA All-World

Just like the name suggests, a referral code is a unique identifier given to a player, which consists of a combination of numbers and letters. Each referral code that’s assigned to a person is unique, which means any other person will not have the same code no matter what. This ID is specifically created for those who want to participate in a referral program.

With the help of referral codes, players can invite other users who haven’t installed or played the game yet to come to join them. The added advantage of the referral code is that it gives out rewards for both the code sender and the one who redeems the code. This is not only a rewarding system but a tactic employed by the players to form a connection between different players, while also inviting new players to the game.

Steps to use Referral codes in NBA All-World

In NBA All-World, players can either be from the sender side or the one who is a new player. Both have simple steps that are required for the referral program, which are explained below.

Steps to follow for sending an invite

Inviting new players is a part of the referral program. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to share a referral code.

Sharing a referral code in NBA All-WorldImage via Niantic
  • On the top left corner, find your Profile.
  • In the Profile menu, go to the Friends section.
  • Click on the Invite Friends option.
  • You will find your unique referral code mentioned.
  • You can either copy the code or share it via text, social media, etc.
  • When someone uses your referral code, the player and you both will get the referral program rewards.

However, do note that your code can be redeemed only up to 50 times. So when it exceeds, it’ll not allow the player to redeem or grant you additional rewards. Milestone rewards are also present, which means that on completion, special rewards are also shared.

Steps to follow for redeeming

Player joining can redeem rewards by using the referral code shared by their friend or any NBA All-World player. They can follow these steps.

Entering a referral codeImage via Niantic
  • Get a working referral code. (You can use our referral code: MY9FMG93V)
  • On the top left corner, find your Profile.
  • In the Profile menu, go to the Friends section.
  • Find the Referrals submenu.
  • Enter the referral code copied and claim your rewards.

Do not forget to use a referral code within 7 days of creating your account. If the code you are using has already exceeded the 50-time usage mark, you will not be able to redeem the rewards.

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