Picsart AI Photo Editor MOD APK/IOS (UNLOCKED

PicsArt AI Photo Editor has millions of downloads and it is one of the most creative online photo editors that you will come across in Google Play.

Click mesmerizing photos with our PicsArt AI Photo Editor mod apk for Android and IOS. You will get unlock Premium features.

Picsart AI Photo Editor MOD
PicsArt AI Photo Editor MOD App Information:
App name PicsArt Photo Editor Mod
Mod Features Unlock Premium Features
Platform Android, IOS
Size 14M
Need Root/Jailbreak? No
Price Free

This application will provide you with several amazing features that will help you to edit photos, take artistic camera shots, make photo collages, create digital drawings and also communicate by using other features.

Picsart AI Photo Editor MOD APK
App Features

This is a free application that you can download for image editing or for adding some effects to photos. It will always inspire you to bring something new into all the images anywhere and anytime. It can transform any photo into beautiful art.


The application will provide you with several adjustment settings like brightness, saturation, hue, contrast, windows, color correction, and many more. You can easily balance and adjust it by using the application.


With the help of this feature, one will be able to add several amazing filters to their photos. Starting from black and white, dodger, twilight, retro, light cross, sunny, and many more are available.

One can also add zoom blur, motion, and lens along with pop art, paper effects, and artistic effects to give the images some unique filters to get the vintage look.


Apart from editing the photos, you can create some impressive illusions as well. The application comes with inbuilt facilities for drawing so it has tools like colors, brushes, erasers, and shapes that can help you to make the drawings look more realistic.

One can use the tools for creating some impressive covers, logos, and banners for Facebook covers.


The masking effect of this application will help in some overlaying on your photos. There are different types of lighting effects, lens flare, textures, borders, and artistic graphics like the universe, heart, stars, and many more. From the store, you can also download some added effects.


One can easily insert some interesting text in a different type of style and font in the photos. Make sure you are controlling the text and shadows whenever you are adding some special effects to the alphabet.

:Picsart MOD Premium
Multiple layers

Multiple layers will help in laying different layers into the drawing by using the tool the sketch. One can use this type of layer for converting a single layer into different forms. You can easily merge or copy them. One can easily decrease or increase the opacity of the photo layers as well.


Collage is an interesting feature of this application that will help in combining several photos on a single canvas. You can prepare it in the grid frame. There are different types of layouts.


Cropping is another interesting feature of this application. You can use the application to crop the image. By using normal cropping one can easily remove the unnecessary part from the picture.

The second one is free cropping which will help you to remove the parts by drawing the boundary lines that are present between the endpoint and the starting point.

The third one is shape cropping which will help in shaping the images in different forms like circles, rectangles, cones, stars,s and many more.

  • PicsArt AI Photo Editor mod contains an impressive array of filters and editing tools.
  • The user control of this application is very creative.
  • The collage feature of this application is robust.
  • You will get several options when it comes to photo importing.
  • The homepage of this application can get pretty confusing sometimes.
  • You won’t be able to share the images on several social networking websites at one time.
  • The tool for cutout does not have the feature of feathering that can help in smoothing the jagged edges.
How to start editing photos in PicsArt AI Photo Editor?
  • PicsArt AI Photo Editor Mod is one of the most amazing editing tools that you will come across. There is a dispersion tool that will help in creating some flying dispersed triangles in your photos. From the tool section, you will get the option of dispersion so ensure that you are selecting the perfect size of brush. Now you will have to draw a few lines across the subject and then click on the arrow button. It will help in creating some dispersion in the image. You can increase the size of the dispersion depending on your requirements.
  • You can also add some interesting filters and effects to your images. There is a huge library that is filled with effects. There are several coloring effects along with saturated filters that can make the images look more like a painting. You can check different effects to experiment with different looks. You can go to the colorize filter because it is the most popular one.
  • One can also add some interesting stickers to their images and share the photos. There are millions of interesting stickers to choose from starting from smoke effects, spirals, wings, hearts, and many more. If you want to create the winding spiral effect, then you will have to create it around the subject by moving the spiral. One can use the eraser to deselect the parts where they don’t want the spiral.
  • One can also add some interesting lines to the images. Several tools are available in different sizes, hardness, shapes, and opacity. You can use the drawing tool for drawing some lines around the person in the photo.
  • One can easily change the background of the subject by using the cutout option. You can easily crop the people from the image and then paste them into a different image and background.
Picsart Mod

PicsArt AI Photo Editor MOD is gaining huge popularity because of the impressive features that it comes with. It will help in transforming an image into different types depending on your requirements. You can download them from the Play Store and start clicking and editing images.

The entire application is very simple to use and is going to offer you several filters and stickers that will help you to make the images look more interesting.

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