PlayStation DualSense Edge Controller Review

PlayStation DualSense Edge Controller Review
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The PlayStation DualSense Edge controller is Sony’s latest innovation and it is sure to make a splash in the gaming world. This customizable controller features modular joysticks, adjustable trigger sensitivity and configurable paddles, as well as a host of other useful buttons and features. Compared to the standard PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, this new device offers gamers more freedom and personalization — but is it worth the cost?

The box for the DualSense Edge is in line with all the PlayStation 5 accessories up to this point. A simple minimalist design, unlike some of the more outlandish gaming offerings, house the sleek controller pouch with all the accessories inside, such as the controller, USB cord with a protective sheath, housing for connection, thumbstick covers, tall convex caps, short convex caps, half-dome back buttons, lever-style back buttons, and a user guide.

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Once out of the box, picking up the controller is a pleasure. The DualSense Edge controller shows off its build quality the minute it is in your hands, reminiscent of some of the best accessories you can find for consoles. The DualSense Edge controller has a heft that is reminiscent of the original controller, which is a tribute to the DualSense series. To give you an idea of the difference, the DualSense Edge weighs in at around 325g, while the DualSense is lighter at 280g.

The grip on the underside of the DualSense Edge is a great improvement on the original, which sometimes felt like it was going to slip out of your hands at the wrong moment. PlayStation nailed the shape of the original DualSense controller, so I was happy to see the DualSense Edge has kept that same comfortable design as before but with a few tweaks. This makes it immediately recognizable and familiar when jumping into a game, with the new additions working well to expand the potential without changing the feel or ergonomics too much. 

While the average gamer wants the best input possible, it is when you enter the competitive arena that precision becomes the most important aspect of any device, and anything less is quickly discarded. Calibrating your controls can mean the difference between victory and defeat, whether you use a mechanical keyboard with linear switches or a mouse with adjustable DPI. Getting it right is critical to your gaming success.

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The sensitivity of the left and right triggers (L2 & R2) can be adjusted using the slider on the back of the controller. There are three levels of sensitivity: original, medium and minimal. This is particularly useful in FPS games where quick responses are required, as lowering the trigger pull allows you to fire faster.

The DualSense Edge features interchangeable analogue sticks that can be swapped out and customized to your liking. A switch on the back releases the faceplate while two metal levers hold the analogue stick module in place. The design of these levers is simple, but they feel substantial in the hand, demonstrating PlayStation’s commitment to this controller. Pulling up on the lever releases and removes the stick module easily. If it is damaged, you can replace it with a new one purchased from PlayStation.

Changing the dome caps on the analogue stick is a breeze. They pop out with a little pressure, allowing you to replace them with any combination of high, low or medium dome caps. Experienced gamers know how inconvenient it can be when your dome caps start to wear out and having the option of different heights is fantastic. One of the most useful features of the DualSense Edge controller is the hot-swappable analogue sticks, and swapping them is as satisfying as putting Lego pieces together.

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Just below the analogue sticks are the function buttons, which you can customize in your PS5’s settings. You can create a specific profile for your controller and also choose from a range of custom button assignments.

The buttons on the DualSense Edge have a solid feel, giving the right level of feedback and click when pressed. Despite their small size, they have a subtle ribbed lining for a better grip. Back buttons and joysticks that can be programmed with hotkeys and commands are the most distinctive features of custom controllers. Because you can assign multiple actions to a single button, this is particularly useful for fast-paced games.

“For gamers looking to take their PlayStation 5 gaming to the next level, the DualSense Edge offers superior quality that justifies its cost…”

Similar to the Xbox Elite controllers, the PlayStation DualSense Edge controller has interchangeable back paddles, so you can quickly switch between half-dome and full-lever buttons. The two types of paddles offer different experiences — the former requires precision and effort, while the latter is much easier to press. The magnetized paddles pop in relatively easily and can be swapped out in only a minute, making them a simple task to be added when you want to jump into a particular game.

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Looking at the battery life, In my testing, I got an average of 5-6 hours from a mix of gaming in Doom Eternal, Elden Ring, and a range of other titles. You may be able to extend this time with a few tweaks to the settings. My configuration had haptics and rumble turned on, and the controller light set to its brightest setting. 

Considering Sony boasts a 5-10 hour life, it will depend on how you play and what features you need, but generally, I don’t expect it will see much more longevity compared to a standard DualSense controller. Thankfully it is rechargeable, so it is a minor issue to top it up when needed. Still, for the price, I had hoped for a bit more.

The high price tag of the DualSense Edge is more than justified once you load up the PlayStation 5 and jump into a game. The app for the controller is generally easy to use, making it a trivial task to make profiles and set up button macros for a particular game. Games like Elden Ring or Doom Eternal were great on the controller, with the settings and customization making some of the more tedious button presses much like annoying. I also found the adjustable triggers fantastic for shooters like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, making firing all that much faster. 

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Despite my concerns about battery life, Sony has kept its word and released a controller that feels high-end and more than justifies its existence. The settings and features make this an excellent addition for anyone looking to improve their PlayStation 5 gaming experience. From the setting area to the build quality, the team seemingly has listened to what gamers want and delivered in the ways that matter.

At $200 USD, the DualSense Edge isn’t a cheap investment, but the features and build quality make it one of the best PlayStation 5 controller gaming experiences I’ve had yet. Sony knows how to build quality technology, and this controller is yet another example of the attention to quality the brand is known for. For gamers looking to take their PlayStation 5 gaming to the next level, the DualSense Edge offers superior quality that justifies its cost. For a top-of-the-range PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense Edge is your best bet.

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