Torchlight: Infinite introduces a new Hero Erika ahead of its Blacksail season launch

Erika, an intriguing new hero for the dungeon crawler Torchlight: Infinite, has been unveiled by XD Games as the game prepares for its first significant update of 2023. When the Blacksail season launches on January 12, 2023, she will add her voice to the game’s current cast of playable characters.

Additionally, XD is adding two new Hero Traits for Rehan and Moto, opening up even more imaginative playstyle options. People who pre-register before the second season of Torchlight: Infinite will automatically receive a number of in-game goodies.

The much-anticipated new hero Erike? will be available in the New Season!#torchlightinfinite#blacksail

— Torchlight: Infinite (@torchlight_xd) December 26, 2022
Prepare for an exciting new season in Torchlight: Infinite

Hunters will set out on an adventurous expedition into the limitless Sea of Void during this new season. Torchlight Infitie’s biggest obstacle to date, the imposing monarch of the pirates known as the Lord of the Void Sea, is just one of the many dangers that lurk in these treacherous waters.

Fans of action RPG will have a lot to look forward to as the Blacksail season unfolds with a wealth of fresh features to discover. With the inclusion of new equipment to acquire and the Hero Relic item loadout slot, there will be more possibilities than ever to refine and customize the character builds. Those excited about the new season can pre-register for some in-game goodies. This bundle includes the following:

  • Insight Crystal x1
  • Shattered Primordial x200
  • Oblivion Waters x20
  • Resurrection Token x20
Torchlight: Infinite reveals its new hero Erika and new Hero Traits for Rehan and Moto

Erika, a Stalker from the Ichi Tribe, is a Stalker. Her first Hero Trait, “Wind Stalker,” which specializes in quick mobility, is equipped with dual swords and enables her to swiftly weave through adversaries before striking them with a lethal blow.

The first to receive a brand-new Hero Trait is Rehan. The battle-tested berserker can unite with an ancestor spirit in Raging Phantom so that it will automatically attack adversaries using Rehan’s primary abilities and completely destroy them.

Moto’s Charge Calling is a new Hero Trait that will be introduced in the upcoming season. The cunning commander can now use his platoon of Synthetic Troops to activate their self-destruct mechanism to lethal effect, directing his robotic troops to charge towards hostile mobs only to detonate seconds later.

Torchlight: Infinite announced a community event featuring popular streamers

XD has revealed a brand-new community competition that will pit streamers against one another in an effort to attain Timemark 6 and dispatch the Traveller boss as quickly as possible. Based on the streamer’s rank that they choose to support during this event, the supporters of the streamers will be the ones receiving prizes in this interactive competition.

Participants only need to input their designated code on the Torchlight Infinite redemption menu page to support a streamer. Then, as a thank-you gift, all streamers’ supporters will get 50 Primocrysts straight away. All eligible participants will receive prizes at the event’s conclusion based on the final standing of the streamer they choose.

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