Twitter begins forcing its TikTok-like 'For You' timeline on iOS

Twitter begins forcing its TikTok-like 'For You' timeline on

Twitter has started to roll out a big change on iOS by replacing the "sparkle" button that switches between the algorithmic and reverse chronological feeds. Now, you swipe between two tabs called "For You" and "Following," to change your timeline, and you'll always see the For You tab first when you open the app.

The company more or less stole the For You name from TikTok, rather than using the Home moniker it had before. As with Home (and TikTok), it shows tweets from accounts you follow out of order, along with algorithmically-selected tweets from others you may like. 

Twitter for iOS now features an algorithmic 'For You' page as the default

In fact, Twitter introduced a very similar feature earlier this year, letting you swipe between "Home" and "Latest Tweets" to switch timelines. However, it abandoned the idea days later after a chorus of complaints from users who didn't like the fact that Home was basically foisted on them.  

The company seems set on implementing it again anyway with a different name, and it may generate the same gripes, judging by the replies to Twitter Support. On the web or current Android app, selecting the chronological feed is a permanent choice, and stays even if you close the app. With the new iOS version, however, For You always appears when you close and reopen the app, so you'll have to switch your timeline to Following every single time.

Elon Musk promised to make this change late last year, tweeting that "main timeline should allow for an easy sideways swipe between the top, latest, trending and topics that you follow." With two of those now implemented, we could see further changes down the road . 

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