A Handheld History Is Now Available To Pre-Order On Amazon & Other Retailers

a handheld history retail edition

The day has finally come that we can announce exciting news that has been in the works for months. It’s official, you can now pre-order our book A Handheld History, at major retailers worldwide!

Surely we do not have to explain how big this is for us.

We spent nearly a year crafting what we hoped would be the most premium coffee table book about a topic very close to our hearts: retro handheld gaming. And we think we did a pretty good job at accomplishing that goal.

Our friends at Lost In Cult were a big help in making this dream come true, and now we have hit yet another milestone as the Retail Edition is coming to major retail stores around the world.

A Handheld History: Retail Edition
ahh1 retail books

We have been working closely with Harper Collins, who have been indispensable in helping us to get the book released worldwide.

As an independent gamine site, and Lost In Cult also being a small independent publisher it’s near impossible for us to get this into retail stores ourselves, we just don’t have the man power or industry contacts, in all honesty.

So Harper Collins got in touch to make a deal that we could not refuse, with a simple goal of getting it into as many gamers hands as possible.

And they have also made it so that our shipping costs can be as low as possible. This makes the book more accessible to those who have yet to pick it up, and at the best price possible.

The Retail Edition of our book, A Handheld History, is a condensed hardcover version of what was available last year in our early backing campaign.

Those initial Standard and Deluxe Editions both featured extra content that would not be available after their release. And the Deluxe Edition even came with a bunch of extras, like a large poster of the cover artwork and photo prints from B_B_Retro.

This new hardcover Retail Edition is a joint effort from Retro Dodo, Lost In Cult and Harper Collins to bring the joy of retro handheld gaming to a larger audience.

Still the same amazing writing from contributors like Ashens, Kevin Kenson, Elliot Coll, Mike Diver, Larry Bundy Jr, Nara Makes Games, Bob Wulf, Retro Game Corps all contributing.

If you missed the first drop, now’s the time to get on board with A Handheld History. Because this is gonna be a fun ride!

Where to Buy A Handheld History

You can buy A Handheld History at major online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Waterstones (UK), Apple Book Store and the Google Play Store.

A Handheld History: 1988-1995 an exclusive look at a snippet from a handheld history: 88 – 95’S FRONT COVER

Don’t think that we are stopping this momentum any time soon, with help from Retro Modding being our exclusive sponsor we have the opportunity to build another book.

We are loving the feedback from our early backers and have had a blast creating an exceptional book about handheld gaming.

So we are going to continue by diving even deeper into the colorful history of handheld devices.

Now focusing specifically on 1988-1995… in what is surely some of the most important years for the genre.

We will once again be working with incredible talent from our own gaming community to tell the story of handheld gaming history.

And like with our first book, we are asking you – the community – to support our dream by visiting ahandheldhistory.com and sign up for updates (at the bottom of the page), and to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Please keep your eyes and ears open for the announcement of our early backing campaign for A Handheld History: 1988-1995.

We promise it will be just as awesome as the first book. But only with your support!

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