Hogwarts Legacy: How to complete the ‘Dissending for Sweets’ quest

How To Complete The Dissending For Sweets Quest IconDid you enjoy sneaking around the restricted section but wish it had less stealth and more spell puzzles? Fortunately, Hogwarts Legacy has the side quest for you, with the classic Hogwarts ingredients of breaking the rules and secret passageways. Here’s how to complete the ‘Dissending for Sweets’ quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Note: For more information, check out our Hogwarts Legacy guides and features hub. Hogwarts Legacy: How to complete the ‘Dissending for Sweets’ quest Starting location To access this quest, you need to get through your first potions class. Afterwards, Garreth Weasley is just outside the Great Hall through three series of doors. Talk to him. Screenshot by PC Invasion He’ll inform you he is once more experimenting with potions. Garreth asks you to get Billywig Stings from Honeydukes for his latest idea: a process involving taking a secret passageway to the storage area of the shop. Once you accept the quest, your target is the one-eye...

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