HoloCure Enchantments

HoloCure Enchantments

Looking for a complete list of HoloCure enchantments? Well, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ve rounded up all of the enchantments that have arrived as part of the latest update. What’s more, we’ll keep it updated as new enchantments arrive in the game, and adjust the descriptions should they change as part of balance fixes.

If you haven’t heard of HoloCure, it’s a Vampire Survivors-like survival game that challenges you to simply remain alive for as long as possible. It takes place in the Hololive universe, and sees you play as your favourite characters while you battle hordes of fans.

You can learn more about HoloCure on the official site. We’ve put together a long list of HoloCure guides at this point. We recommend checking out our HoloCure update, HoloCure collabs, and HoloCure items.

HoloCure Enchantments

Now, here’s a list of the different HoloCure enchantments that you can currently unlock:

  • +1 Projectile
  • +15% Damage
  • +10% Damage
  • +15% Size
  • -10% Cooldown
HoloCure Enchantment FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions that you might have.

What is HoloCure?

HoloCure is a Vampire Survivors-like survival game that sees you play as your favourite Hololive characters. You battle fans, collect items, and combine your favourite weapons together to create collaborations.

What Are HoloCure Enchantments?

Enchantments are a new feature that you can unlock in HoloCure, allowing you to boost the stats of your items at an anvil. It costs coins, and you get a boost at random, though are are able to reroll (in exchange for further cash) if you want a different enchantment.

How Do I Get Enchantments?

You simply use an anvil in-game, and you’re treated with a new option to enchant an item, alongside the previous option of upgrading.

Can You Level Up Enchantments In HoloCure?

That’s not currently clear, though we’ll update this guide as soon as we learn more.

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