How to Do the Log Duplication Glitch in Sons of the Forest

How to Do the Log Duplication Glitch in Sons of the
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Sons of the Forest players have been finding log glitches in their playthroughs while working through everything that the grand map offers them. If you are struggling to gather enough building materials for your bases then a specific glitch may assist you in that very matter. This article will take you through everything you need to know about how to do the log duplication glitch in Sons of the Forest.

Performing the Infinite Log Glitch in Sons of the Forest

The process to creating infinite logs is as follows: Put Four Smaller logs on top of one another, these are more commonly known as Quarter Logs by players. After that, just locate or chop down a full log for you to carrytake it to the front of where your stack of small logs is. Now just stand next to the stack where the placement area is and keep placing the Full Log down, more and more logs will spawn.

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It is a very random glitch but is certainly excellent for helping to create all sorts of bases without worrying about resource gathering. People have already been taking advantage of the duplication process as often as they can thanks to its many benefits. The question remains if other glitches such as this one will be found to a quick degree.

Will the Log Duplication Glitch Be There Forever In-Game?

It is unknown how long the log duplication glitch will stick around. The developers may choose to leave it within the game but there is no guarantee either way of what will happen. There has been no official word about the glitch so no one knows at the moment what will actually happen to the glitch for players who are enjoying it.

Even though we don’t know if the log duplication will remain forever — that doesn’t stop you from trying it out for yourself. There are plenty of ways in which you could utilize this glitch to further your journey even more.

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