Hydra Esports Wins BGMI Tournament Jungh The TDM Battle by Entity Gaming

Hydra Esports Wins BGMI Tournament Jungh The TDM Battle by
Entity Gaming

Entity Gaming recently hosted a Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tournament called Jungh The TDM Battle with its tag line reading 'Not Easy To Win'. This event did not follow the usual battle royale game mode and instead had teams facing each other in a 1v1 team death match setup, resulting in a lot of exciting moments.

Hydra Esports fought valiantly till the very end to walk away as the winner, qualifying through five intense rounds which took place from 8th to 14th February.

Not only was Hydra Esports crowned as the champion but it also won INR 20,000 in prize money for delivering some action fuelled performances.

Hydra Esports’ BGMI Team Forays Into New State MobileHydra Esports wins the BGMI tournament hosted by Entity Gaming: Jungh The TDM Battle

BGMI is popularly known for its battle royale action, but due to the game's continued absence tournament organizers have started exploring other game modes and the one that has made its way to the competitive forefront is Team Deathmatch.

Jungh The TDM Battle was the most recent event to feature this game mode with some of the top teams from across the country participating in it. Though it only carried a prize pool of INR 50,000 the teams were ready to brawl due to the low frequency of BGMI scrims and tournaments.

The week long tournament was held from 8th to 14th February and was split into five different stages,

  1. Qualifier Round - 8th to 9th February

  2. Elimination Round - 10th February

  3. Semifinals - 11th to 12th February

  4. Finals - 13th February

  5. Grand Finals - 14th February

Hydra Esports fought through all five stages defeating many top-tier teams to make it all the way to the Grand Finals where it faced off against Chemin Esports, Rivalry Esports, and Team SouL, handing all of them fitting defeats to finally lift the trophy and become the champion.

Hydra Esports - Champions of Jungh The TDM Battle

The total prize pool of INR 50,000 was split between the five teams as follows,

  1. 1st - Hydra Esports - INR 20,000

  2. 2nd - Team SouL - INR 15,000

  3. 3rd - Chemin Esports - INR 10,000

  4. 4th - Rivalry Esports - INR 5,000

This was the first season of the tournament which means that more iterations of this interesting game mode can be expected in the future.

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