Jason Baker Breaks Down Pitch Black Collaboration with WWE's Bray Wyatt

Jason Baker Breaks Down Pitch Black Collaboration with WWE's
Bray Wyatt

WWE held its first-ever Pitch Black match at the Royal Rumble, and despite a few hiccups, the Mount Dew-inspired match was well received. That especially went for the neon elements, though the MVP of the whole match was the new neon mask that Bray Wyatt debuted, which provided an incredible visual on both TV and in the live arena. Callosum Studios' Jason Baker has collaborated with Wyatt on several of his masks, and in an interview with Soundsphere, Baker discussed the challenges of creating that mask for the special occasion.

"There was none because Bray is a phenomenal artist and he does concept art for us and he's like, 'here, make this.' 'Sure thing, man' We'll throw ideas back and forth, but it's always him. He's always the mastermind that comes up with this stuff. 'Cool, we can have it to you by next Saturday.' Having someone that is very creative like him, he makes our job very easy," Baker said.

Baker is appreciative of working with someone like Wyatt who has a complete vision of what they want and are looking for, and it's made their collaborations together a breeze.

"I can't tell you how many times we've worked on films or scripts or other things and they're like, 'make us something scary.' What does that mean? What you might think of as scary, I might think of as hokey. You tell me what you need. Him knowing exactly what he wants to see, knowing his vision, knowing where he wants to take his character and everything just makes our life so much more convenient. I'm so grateful to work with someone who is such a visionary and has so many ideas," said Baker.

The Pitch Black Match featured glowing ring ropes and other LED elements around the ring, as well as splashes of green from certain props and glowing kendo sticks. Then there were glowing elements in Wyatt and LA Knight's gear, with a big explosion of light and effects when Uncle Howdy dove off of a high platform and went through the floor, taking Knight with him.

Wyatt's mask looked especially creepy thanks to the glowing almost Reptile design across his face and forehead, and his contacts also glowed red to make it pop even more. It definitely left an impression, and since then they've utilized these elements in dark matches featuring Wyatt and Knight after SmackDowns.

Wyatt has since called out the winner of Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar's match at Elimination Chamber, which Lashley would win. No one saw Wyatt vs Lashley coming, and it remains to be seen what that will ultimately be. You could see it being another unique type of match, but then again this latest Wyatt run has been unpredictable, so perhaps we are in for more of a traditional match than we're expecting.


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