Move over Handel, we a-door this Roblox game Doors song

Move over Handel, we a-door this Roblox game Doors song

Roblox is all about user-generated content, and the community is overflowing with fantastic ideas every day. However, this one is catchier than others, as a particularly musical fan has twisted the sound effects from the smash horror game Doors to create something wholly original - this earworm Roblox Doors song.

Players are familiar with the creaks of the titular doors, as well as the horrifying sounds of enemies like Screech, Seek, and Rush, so this toe-tapping take on those noises might just help you get over your fears. Creator Koltenrowe has shared the clip on Reddit, and fans are already going wild for this interpretation of the iconic game’s sound effects.

One user comments “i thought it was going to be bad BUT OML WHAT IS THAT MELODY”, while another exclaims “BRO U NEED MORE RECOGNITION BRO THIS TAKES SO MUCH TIME AND EFFORT AND MOTIVATION”. If the extensive use of the caps lock is anything to go by, this Doors song is a slam dunk with fans. Roblox Doors is now approaching its second year on the service, but a recent video from GameTheory is reigniting interest in the Roblox game, so hopefully we see even more amazing content like this.

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