My Hero Academia Teases Gentle's Future With a La Brava Assist

My Hero Academia Teases Gentle's Future With a La Brava

My Hero Academia is now setting all of the final pieces in place for the final fights of the series overall, and the newest chapter of the manga is teasing a much bigger future for Gentle Criminal with a huge assist from La Brava! The final battles between the heroes and villains are now underway as the multiple battlefields are gearing up for a new phase of the war. This included a lot of big returns from fan favorite heroes and even past foes who are now in the midst of redemption. The biggest highlight being Gentle and La Brava as they are saving U.A. Academy.

It was previously revealed that Gentle is now working with the police following All For One's destruction of the prisons, and now he's playing a big role in keeping U.A. Academy from falling to the ground with his quirk. But now it seems like he will also be getting his biggest desire to show off in front of a crowd of adoring fans thanks to some quick thinking and trickery from La Brava.

my-hero-academia-gentle-la-brava-future-tease.jpg(Photo: Shueisha)How is La Brava Helping Gentle in the Final Act?

Chapter 380 of My Hero Academia sees Gentle struggling to keep up U.A. Academy. It's falling further, and his quirk is beginning to weaken as he reaches his limits. La Brava urges him to hold on as she only needs a little bit more time to reboot the system and get U.A. Academy floating again. Gentle begins to lose hope as while he was inspired by seeing Deku go toe to toe with Shigaraki, but the fact that no one is around to see him making this heroic save is also beginning to hurt him.

But when he sees that the Support Course is filming his actions, he begins to pep up immediately. Not only that, but La Brava managed to sneak in some extra time and hack into all of their cameras to share Gentle's live stream with the rest of Japan. Now Gentle's going to get his huge dream of grandstanding in front of an audience, and he's going to look heroic while doing it. But he still needs to hold out as long as he can.


How do you feel about Gentle getting seen as a hero thanks to La Brava's help? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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