Oath of Peak celebrates Valentine’s Day with a new Hare outfit and other rewards

Oath of Peak is a popular new mobile MMORPG, currently celebrating Valentine’s Day with a brand new event. The devs are also creating a unique new Hare outfit for Valentine’s Day that will be discounted by 30% for 4 days. Oath of Peak is now playable on iOS and Android, so MMORPG fans can check it out regardless of their favorite platform.

In the fantasy MMORPG Oath of Peak, you embark on an adventure across an open world while encountering wondrous creatures that you can tame and take with you. The game is inspired by the classic Chinese tale, Shan Hai Jing or The Classic of Mountains and Seas.

The game has amassed a total of 500k downloads post-launch

Developer Cangaming Net is no stranger to the Xianxia style, which is a genre of Chinese fantasy. Many of its games are set in environments that are influenced by this; its most well-known game is A Chinese Ghost Story, which garnered over 18 million downloads throughout its existence. And after receiving 500k pre-registrations and 200k downloads in just the first seven days of its open beta period, Oath of Peak is already well on its way to seeing a similar level of success.

Oath-of-Peak-Wedding-SceneImage via Yeeha Games

Oath of Peak was released in April 2022 all over the world, but it has since found the most success in the Asia-Pacific area, where 500k players have already downloaded the game. It also topped the charts on Google Play and the App Store on launch day, which is an amazing accomplishment.

You take on the role of a Spirit Bender in the game, and your objective is to explore the Omnispirit Continent while taming monsters that you may use in combat. The majority of the creatures you come across, which include fabled species like the Kirin, Zhulong, and Baize, can actually be tamed. Once trained, they may fight with you and gain strength.

Pick from five unique classes and get started on your adventure

The game has five different classes to choose from, which affects how you fight differently. These are based on the usual Tank, Support, and DPS roles found in MMORPGs. That comes in handy when playing the hard PVE encounters, PVP battles, and GVG scenarios that make up the group content. You’ll enjoy this if you love guilds.

Oath-of-Peak-Fighting-SceneImage via Yeeha Games

There is actually a tonne of content to keep you occupied, including a single-player tale, a sizable open world to explore, and a diverse range of beasts to tame. Users can head over to their respective Google Play and App Store currently to start playing the game. Interested users can also follow the game’s ongoing development by visiting its official website or Facebook and Twitter pages here.

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* This article was originally published here

* This article was originally published here


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