PKXD Runner Guide: Top 5 Tips and Tricks to improve your gameplay

PKXD Runner is a new casual speedrunning game by the developers, Afterverse Games. The game draws its inspiration from another classic gaming title Subway Surfers. There is an antagonist chasing you down the roads of the PKXD universe and there are certain obstacles in your path as well which you have to tackle in your quest to obtain a new high score and ultimately defeat the top scores set by the AI. The game is quite challenging and in this PKXD Runner guide, we will list down the 5 best tips to have the longest run in the game and improve your gameplay

Best gameplay tips for PKXD Runner 1. Activate ads for a second chance

When launching the game for the very first time, players are given the option via the developers to either turn the advertisements for the game on or off. Here as frustrating as it may sound, we would like to advise players to keep the advertisements for the game open, this will come in very handy in the later stage of the game.

PKXD Runner guide, PKXD RunnerImage via Afterverse Games

When you get caught by the chaser in the game, if you have the advertisements for the game open, the game itself will have a revive option at the end. Which of course will see you get a second chance to continue your run at the expense of advertisements, a fair deal we would say. You can also multiply your rewards at the end of each run again via advertisements, hence be sure to activate the advertisements for a better experience.

2. Stock up the powerups before the speedrun

You can actually have a power-up every time you start the game, obviously, you will have to purchase the power-up from the shop in the game in exchange for some in-game currency coins. This will make you an additional power-up in the game of your choice which you can use anytime in the game you feel like.

PKXD Runner guide, PKXD RunnerImage via Afterverse Games

This helps a lot in the later stages where you will now have the powerups you pick up in the game and the power that you bring from your arsenal. Of course, you will have to spend a considerable amount of coins in order to purchase the game.

3. Strategize your lane movement based on the obstacles

The game as stated before is very similar to Subway Surfers, the obstacles that players will face in the game will generate on a very random basis. There is a lag in the UI of the game when you swipe left or right in the game, the game will take some time for adjusting to the input. Hence be sure to adjust your placement on the track according to the obstacle a little early so that there are no chances of error. Do this and you will definitely find it a lot easier to rake up a high score in the game.

4. Keep on running and focusing on the track after being hit for the first time
PKXD Runner guide, PKXD RunnerImage via Afterverse Games

When being fiercely chased by the chaser, you might trip onto an obstacle in the game, the game however being generous always allows the players to keep on running even after taking the first hit. This helps the players get a second chance in the game and score a high record. Hence it will be advised to keep this in mind and keep the focus on track once get hit for the first time and not panic.

5. Educate yourself with the different powerups the game has to offer

There are a lot of powerups in the game which can be equipped by the players in a bid to bag a high score. Hence it will only make sense to know what these powerups have to offer before making the purchase or picking them up mid-run. There are various powerups such as the double experience points powerup, the coin magnets, and many similar powerups as were offered in Subway Surfers. Be sure you have the information on what you are buying as a power-up.

Final Thoughts

The game, PKXD Runner is very similar to Subway Surfers, it is all about setting a high record and eventually trying to beat the AI scores which are set as milestones by the developers in the game. Every time you reach a milestone in the game, you get an exclusive reward from the developer’s end, which can be armor pieces or new powerups along with in-game resources.

Be sure to follow the tips stated and mentioned in this PKXD Runner gameplay guide to help yourself in achieving a high score in the game and make things simple. Don’t forget to go through our PKXD Runner redeem codes guide to get the codes for the game once released.

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