Rollkers – Battery-Powered Under-Shoes Personal Mobility Device

While pretty much all working people out there have to get around town at a relatively fast pace in order to get to their desired destination on time, according to statistics, most people walk at an average speed of 3 miles per hour. Now, during your daily commute, you’ve probably faced situations where you’d want to be able to move a little bit faster than what your usual normal walking speed is. For example, if the streets or even the subway happen to be too crowded or even if a few people around you tend to walk slower than you, you’ll most likely be limited to walking slower than your typical pace because of other pedestrians. Another example would include times when you have to walk long distances that may end up tiring you down and possibly even making your feet hurt after walking for extended periods of time, such as when you’re commuting between work and home or even when you’re at an airport, which, for the latter, tend to be quite big compounds. Whatever the case may be, it would be great if there was a solution that would allow people to commute at a faster walking speed within urban environments. This is exactly what a product called Rollkers aims to deliver.


Rollkers is a new startup french company headquartered in Paris, France who has developed a new generation of personal mobility device which is also called the Rollkers.


Now, when it comes to their recently announced product, the Rollkers are a revolutionary personal mobility device that allows people to greatly reduce their trip times within urban environments by doubling its user’s walking speed.

According to Thomas Anthoine, the company’s Business Chief, the Rollkers are the “ideal personal mobility device” for everyday daily commuting.

The original product concept for the Rollkers was inspired by the mobility technology seen in roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, and the wheel in the shoe of Heelys shoes, for which the end product was then developed through wide research of similar mobility solutions.

Classified as the first-ever under shoes, Rollkers is an innovative personal mobility solution which consumers can easily strap to the bottom of their shoes in order to help them travel faster to their desired destination while maintaining a walk-like posture.


Essentially, the Rollkers are designed to work as a set of two (x2) battery-powered under-shoes personal mobility devices that are equipped with a powerful built-in servomotor, while also featuring wireless left and right synchronization technology, plus an electronic controller that makes it intuitive and straightforward for users to seamlessly control their Rollkers’ assistance and stabilization.

They also utilize a proprietary Tracks technology that makes them perfectly stabilized with no loss of balance after being strapped under a user’s shoes.


These personal mobility devices enable users to have fairly fast walking speeds that can go up to seven miles per hour (7 mph). Their rated to have an average of 30 minutes of battery life / runtime, for which users can ultimately travel an estimated range of approximately 2.5 miles.

Unlike your everyday mobility solutions like e-bikes and e-scooters, the Rollkers are quite small, fairly lightweight, and easy to travel with, so you can carry them with you everywhere. Ultimately, these innovative personal mobility devices can provide users with a real seamless method of intermodality.

The Rollkers are also very easy to put on, as they come equipped with two sets of straps that allow users to easily and seamlessly adjust their Rollkers onto their own footwear for a perfect fit.

Thanks to their intelligent and instinctive control algorithms that promote by-feet driving, users are able to walk naturally, just like if they’d be walking on a moving walkway (i.e. a travelator) at an airport, with no prior training required to start using the Rollkers during their daily commuting.

What’s more is that the Rollkers also come equipped with built-in presence lights that signal a user’s presence to passers-by in their surroundings as well as any potential traffic.


While the Rollkers’ main target market is to be used for daily commuting, the company also states that their product could have a beneficial use in the industrial market, including industrial environments such as logitstics and manufacturing floors, and possibly, even the gaming market, more specifically, for VR gaming, for which honestly, the Rollkers could ultimately become a very interesting VR solution.

The Rollkers are already patented on all major potential markets, but have received no certifications as of yet. Nevertheless, the company is already trying to find manufacturers and licensers (such as automobile companies, footwear companies, etc.) that would ultimately make them capable of manufacturing their product at a large scale.

That said, the company currently estimates that the Rollkers could hit market in around 2 years, but obviously, only time will time.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Rollkers and you want to keep an eye on the device’s different development and marketing phases, simply visit Rollkers’ official website.

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