Star Wars #44 - Al Williamson art, cover & reprint, Marshall Rogers, Walt Simonson art

Al Williamson
Star Wars v1 #44, 1981 - This final installment of The Empire Strikes Back was originally printed in Marvel Super Special #16. The print reproduction is a little muddy, mostly due to the newsprint stock. The magazine version is sharper and more colorful. Like previous issues, Al Williamson inserts an additional new splash within the reprinted material (page 18). Wrapped around the story is a radiant new cover by the artist. Also in this issue are five new pin-up pages. Marshall Rogers' drawing of Lando and Princess Leia is eye-catching, but Walt Simonson's version of Boba Fett is exceptional in both layout and rendition. This is 5 of 7 Star Wars issues by Williamson, 2 of 18 Star Wars issues by Simonson and 1 of 1 Star Wars issues by Rogers.
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Williamson cover pencils (Carlos Garzon inks) = *****
"Duel a Dark Lord" Williamson story pencils (Carlos Garzon inks) 1 page = *****
"Laser Fire at the Landing Platform" Rogers pin-up pencils and inks 1 page = ***
"Boba Fett Defends His Prize" Simonson pin-up pencils and inks 1 page = *****

Al Williamson
Marshall Rogers
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