The Mario Bros. Movie Runtime Finally Revealed

The Mario Bros. Movie

Those of us with our overalls pressed, our karts gassed up, and our Mario history refreshed – we now have an idea of what to expect for the runtime for the highly anticipated Mario movie.

Thanks to official registrations with the Irish Film Classification Office, we know that The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be 92 minutes long.

So with all of the commercials and trailers… that means we should anticipate sitting in the theaters just under 4 hours total!

Super Mario Bros. Movie

No, but seriously though, in 2023 it is quite unusual for a film to NOT be at least a three hour journey.

It’s gonna feel like a throwback to the pre-Lord of the Rings era.

Does anybody remember when movies used to be 60-90 minutes? Back when you did not have to worry about leaving your seat to go tinkle or refill your drinks and popcorn.

Adult fans might be used to the longer films by now, but for those taking their children to see the new Super Mario Bros. Movie… this might be a blessing.

Whatever the case, we can hopefully expect that the Mario movie will be concise.

They have a very long history of content they can pull from, and everybody is banking on this being the true definitive Mario Bros. film adaptation.

There’s one thing for sure: DON’T BLINK! There’s sure to be a ton of easter eggs in there.

Hopefully they pack in a lot of great references to the games, while keeping some stuff in their back pocket for a followup (I’m betting on Wario for the next film).

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* This article was originally published here

* This article was originally published here


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