Clash of Clans March 2023: List of Weekly Events, Challenges, and rewards

Clash of Clans often has plenty of events that go on in a week that may be anything. Events and Challenges are very common in Clash of Clans, and usually, there will be a good amount of rewards distributed. So, to keep things simple for the Clashers, we have come up with this space to give you an overview of the weekly events that are taking place this March 2023 in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans March 2023 Weekly Events Overview

The March 2023 month will be focusing on the Color Fest season. So, the theme will be the same for the events and challenges taking place. There are a few events that are repetitive every month, which are Clan War Leagues and Raid Weekend. Hence, we’ll not be covering in detail about the same. The rest of the events are given on a weekly basis as follows.

Week 1: 1st March to 8th March The Sensational Seven

The first event of the season is the Sensational Seven. This is a part of the International Women’s Day event celebrated worldwide.

Sensational Seven in Clash of clansImage via Supercell

Accordingly, all the ladies in Clash of Clans will be taking part, and as a player, you shall be using these in your army to win 10 multiplayer battles. Yes, there are rewards for each event completion. The details and rewards are given below.

Archer 7 250 XP, 10 Gems, Training Potion x 2
Healer 2 250 XP, 10 Gems, Clock Tower Potion
Valkyrie 3 250 XP, 10 Gems, Resource Potion
P.E.K.K.A 1 250 XP, 10 Gems, Research Potion
Witch 2 250 XP, 10 Gems, Super Potion
Headhunter 5 250 XP, 10 Gems, Power Potion
Electro Titan 1 250 XP, 10 Gems, Hero Potion

Just have these in your army, participate in multiplayer, win 10 battles, and claim the lucrative rewards!

Color Fest Painter King Challenge

Out of the four challenges announced, the first challenge that arrived this week was the Painter King challenge. A maxed-out Town Hall 11 to destroy, the preset army given has to be utilized to destroy the base to get the 3-stars. Along with the full bounty, players can get the rewards of 400 XP, 20 Gems, and a Hero Potion.

Painter King ChallengeImage via Supercell

We have also explained in detail the challenge along with the steps to easily 3-star the base. Fans and players can read our Color Fest Painter King Challenge guide for the same.

More details about the upcoming weeks will be updated. Stay tuned for the rest of the month’s info!

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What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans March 2023 Weekly events? Let us know in the comment section below!

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