It’s The End Of The Line For Revived Witch

It’s The End Of The Line For Revived Witch

Gacha RPG Revived Witch is bowing out and closing its servers on May 7th. This was all confirmed by a post on the official Twitter yesterday. The download portals have closed, though existing players will be able to play up to shutdown day. Those players sticking around will receive some extra items every week during the remainder of the time they have.

You Can Get Your Money Back

The Revived Witch Team also confirmed that any diamonds purchased can be refunded, which is more than Apex Legends Mobile players got.

With recent trends, this isn’t entirely shocking news. Recent Sensor Tower reports have shown the gacha game sitting around the bottom of the list in terms of revenue. February’s table, posted on Reddit, was particularly grim.

Its earnings dropped one-third between January and February, from $30,000 to $20,000 in total, and neither of those figures is really enough to keep a whole title afloat.

Revived Witch released at the end of 2021, and did promise something a little different in the gacha world.

A Cute And Quirky Game That Never Fully Found Its Feet

In the game, you took on the role of a young witch, who wakes up with no memory of her past, and with the help of a black cat companion, you journeyed through the world, recruiting other witches to help you solve the mysteries of your past.

Unusually, the game relied on a cute, pixel art style of graphics, and gameplay was the sort of thing you’d expect to find in a classic RPG or RPG Maker title.

It was endearing, but apparently not enduring. Players praised the art style and direction, though many cited the lack of content and expensive premium purchases as a reason for waning interest in the title.

An unfortunate side effect of the increasing trend of games as a service is the inevitability that they will disappear one day, and despite the fall in revenue, it seems like Revived Witch is one of the fallen games that some people will be sad to see go.

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