Marvel Snap’s Nimrod is a multiplying mutant killer

Marvel Snap’s Nimrod is a multiplying mutant killer

The latest card to join Second Dinner’s superpowered mobile title, Marvel Snap’s Nimrod, is proving to be a menace already. The mutant killer famous from the Days of Future Past comic run is finally available in-game, with a multiplying ability that means even destruction works in this card’s favour. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to be in the X-Men right now.

Arriving as part of the premium season pass, Marvel Snap’s Nimrod is a perfect fit for most destruction decks, with his five power multiplying into ten across two lanes when destroyed. If you can take out two Nimrods, say with a turn five Destroyer or Galactus, things can get really crazy, with your two five power cards turning into four, with a combined 20 power across the board.

If you want to get even more chaotic - and god knows I like my Marvel Snap chaotic - Nimrod is also a perfect partner for Arnim Zola, creating several copies all over the board through one play. If you’ve got a Knull on the board, that card can pick up five points of power for every Nimrod destroyed, making for some extraordinary power totals at the end of the game.

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