Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Decidueye Tera Raid Announced

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Decidueye Tera Raid

The next boss headed to the Paldea region is an Alolan alumnus. The official accounts for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet announced that the next raid for the games is a Decidueye Tera Raid. The raids themselves will take over two weekends, from March 17-20, 2023 and from March 24-27, 2023.

The Decidueye Tera Raid features a powerful version of the iconic Alolan Pokemon. Its Tera type will be Flying, in addition to its standard Grass and Ghost type. The Decidueye Tera Raid is a 7-Star raid event. As with other Tera Raids players that participate will get a chance to acquire a Decidueye for their own rosters. Tera Raids often feature Pokemon that are not normally capturable in Scarlet and Violet.

Decidueye first appeared in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, and is part of "Generation VII" of the Pokemon games. It is the final evolution of the Grass-type Starter Pokemon, Rowlet. Decidueye evolves from Dartrix. Despite being an avian Pokemon, Decidueye is a Grass/Ghost-type. Cautious by nature, it can fall into a panic if it gets surprised. Catching it unawares will prove quite a challenge, as Decidueye has excellent eyesight. In combat it can nock and fire its own arrow-like quill feathers, using them like projectile weapons. Its aim is so precise it can hit pebbles at distances of hundreds of meters, and loose an arrow quill in just a tenth of a second. A Hisuian regional variant of Decidueye appeared in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, trading the Ghost type for Fighting type.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Decidueye Tera Raid kicks off on March 17, 2023, and again on March 24, 2023. The games are available on the Nintendo Switch.

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