This Roblox game lets you visit virtual Home Depot

This Roblox game lets you visit virtual Home Depot

We’re seeing more and more companies begin their transition into the metaverse via Roblox, and The Home Depot is the most recent addition. The Home Depot Roblox game launched on March 2 and aims to inspire creativity in the younger generation through virtual DIY.

The Home Depot has collaborated with Roblox game Redcliff City RP to bring their virtual storefront to life so players can experience their Virtual Kids Workshops. The company’s in-person Kids Workshops “offer the youngest generation of DIYers a hands-on learning experience that sparks creativity, promotes problem solving and encourages social interaction”

When you visit Redcliff City’s Home Depot, you’ll have the option to build one of three DIY projects, each with a different difficulty level. Then you must find the materials you need for the project by exploring the aisles of the store, and then complete your build in the Kids Workshop space. You can take your project with you when you finish to use in the rest of Redcliff City.

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